“Few people in this world vastly exceed your expectations, particularly during critical moments in your life when you have a lot at stake.  Maryanne Moyers is one of the few.  When you are buying or financing a home, it becomes a critical event, and you truly need the advice and consent of a proven expert.  Maryanne is a proven real estate expert with outstanding character and integrity who has thrived in a business where so many have failed over the past 15-20 years.  She’s a “no-nonsense” straight shooter who will go the extra mile for you when you need it the most.  She has built up a solid network across the industry, and knows the market very well.  It is clear she understands people and the power of building relationships.  She pulled us out of a bind last year when we had all but given up.  My wife and I had consulted 4 different agents and brokers to refinance our primary home into a 15 year mortgage.  But we had no success.  Banks and lending institutions had drastically changed policies and procedures in the last 5 years, and appraisal companies were dramatically undervaluing properties. This left us with few appealing options.  But Maryanne broke the stalemate we were in and successfully argued mistakes she found in the appraisal.  She pointed out several subtle, but key inconsistencies which several ‘experts’ had missed.  Within 10 days we had a fair appraisal, and secured a 15 year loan.  Loan approval is something we thought was out of our reach.  Maryanne is definitely a game changer that you can count on.  If it’s important to you, then it’s important to her. “