Wineries in Prince William County

The wineries listed immediately below are the closest options for residents of Prince William County. The Piedmont Region of Virginia offers many fine wineries in Fauquier County and the Piedmont Region extending to Charlottesville. We enjoy local wine tastings and encourage all wine drinkers to support our neighboring vineyards. Click on Virginia Wine for statewide information on wine events, wineries and vineyards, and where to find the wine of your choice.

The grand opening of Bull Run Winery was on June 2, 2012. Since then the winery has produced many award winning wines.

The ruins on the left are the remains of the Hillwood Mansion which stood during the Civil War. On July 21, 1861 Union Colonel William Tecumseh Sherman, 3rd Brigade Commander (1st Division, Army of Northeastern Virginia) stood on the grounds of Bull Run Winery near the Hillwood Mansion while searching for a spot to ford Bull Run and attack awaiting Confederate lines. He was one of few Union officers to distinguish themselves on the battlefield before the retreat of the Union Army. President Abraham Lincoln promoted him on July 23, 1861 to Brigadier General of Volunteers.

  • Effingham Manor Winery 14337 Trotters Ridge Place Nokesville, Virginia 20181 (703) 298-0468
  • Paradise Springs Winery  13219 Yates Ford Road Clifton, Virginia 20124 (703) 830-9463
  • Vint Hill Craft Winery  (Vint Hill Farm) 7150 Lineweaver Road Warrenton, Virginia 20187 (540) 351-0000
  • In December 1942, Vint Hill was no longer a Civil War era farm and mansion grounds. It had been purchased by the United States Government months earlier and given the official title ‘Monitoring Station Number One’ housing 662 enlisted men working as radio intercept operators, encryption analysts, and radio repair technicians assigned to the Second Signal Service Battalion. Important enemy transmissions were delivered directly from the only listening post serving the United States to military war planners in Washington, D. C. during World War II. Vint Hill also became the headquarters for training military intelligence officers. After World War II, the listening post became Vint Hill Field Station One intercepting electronic signals during the Cold War as this once 729 acre farm and pasture for cattle and sheep became home to the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command. In 1975 the mission at Vint Hill changed and the post was renamed ‘United States Army Garrison Vent Hill Farms Station’. The base officially closed in 1997 during the realignment of military bases. Spending an afternoon at the birthplace of the National Security Agency is a great compliment to enjoying a wine tasting or special event. Next to Vint Hill Craft Winery is the Cold War Museum with many exhibits featuring espionage and diplomatic maneuvers between the United States-Soviet Union-China. Wine and Cold War signals intelligence makes for a great day.
  • Winery at Bull Run 15950 Lee Highway (Route 29) Centreville, Virginia 20120 (703) 815-2233
  • The Winery at Bull Run has earned several awards for their wines. Among them are medals awarded in the International Wine Competition, U. S. National Wine competition, Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association Wine Competition, Eastern International Wine Competition, New York International Wine Competition, Virginia Governor’s Cup Wine Competition, Grand Harvest Awards, State Fair of Virginia, and Dallas Morning News & TEXSOM Wine Competition.
  • Winery at LaGrange  4970 Antioch Road Haymarket, Virginia 20169 (703) 753-9360

We have either visited the below wineries and recommend them or they have received regional, state, or national recognition in wine competitions.

Recommended Wineries and Vineyards

Potomac Point Winery offers catering for special events and weddings, as well as community service events.

Potomac Point Winery offers visitors winery tours, wine tastings, a gift shop, lounge, kids room, courtyard and veranda, and dog friendly areas. Sunday brunches and Friday night music are always well attended. The Le Grand Cru Bistro at Potomac Point Winery is a good place to enjoy a bottle of wine with spouses and friends.

  1. Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn  11083 John Marshall Highway Delaplane, Virginia 20144 (540) 364-1722
  2. Barrel Oak Winery 3623 Grove Lane Delaplane, Virginia 20144 (540) 364-6402
  3. Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery  9402 Justice Lane Delaplane, Virginia 20144 (540) 364-2347
  4. Boxwood Estate Winery  2042 Burrland Lane Middleburg, Virginia 20117 (540) 687-8778
  5. Cana Vineyards and Winery  38600 John Mosby Highway Middleburg, Virginia 20117 (703) 348-2458
  6. Chrysalis Vineyards at Ag District Center  39025 John Mosby Highway Middleburg, Virginia 20117 (540) 687-8222
  7. Cobbler Mountain Cellars  5909 Long Fall Lane Delaplane, Virginia 20144 (540) 364-2802
  8. Desert Rose Ranch and Winery 13726 Hume Road Hume, Virginia 22639 (540) 635-3200
  9. 50 West Vineyards 39060 John Mosby Highway Middleburg, Virginia 20117 (571)367-4760
  10. Fox Meadow Winery  3310 Freezeland Road Linden, Virginia 22642 (540) 636-6777
  11. Granite Heights Winery  8141 Opal Road Warrenton, Virginia 20186 (540) 349-5185
  12. Greenhill Winery and Vineyards 23595 Winery Lake Middleburg, Virginia 20117 (540) 687-6968
  13. Grey Horse Vineyards 12285 Elk Run Church Road Midland, Virginia 22728 (540) 788-4620
  14. Linden Vineyards 3708 Harrels Corner Road Linden, Virginia 22642 (540) 364-1997
  15. Mediterranean Cellars 8295 Falcon Glen Road Warrenton, Virginia 20186 (540) 428-1984
  16. Molon Lave Vineyards and Winery  10075 Lees Mill Road Warrenton, Virginia 20186 (540) 439-5460
  17. Morais Vineyards and Winery  11409 Marsh Road Bealeton, Virginia 22712 (540) 326-6336
  18. Naked Mountain Winery and Vineyards 2747 Leeds Manor Road Markham, Virginia 22643 (540) 364-1609
  19. Pearmund Cellars 6190 Georgetown Road Broad Run, Virginia 20137 (540) 347-3475
  20. Philip Carter Winery of Virginia  4366 Stillhouse Road Hume, Virginia 22639  (540) 364-1203
  21. Potomac Point Winery and Vineyard  275 Decatur Road Stafford, Virginia 22554 (540) 446-2266
  22. Three Fox Vineyards 10100 Three Fox Lane Delaplane, Virginia 20144 (540) 364-6073

We encourage folks to experience one or all of these wineries. Keep us in mind for your real estate needs.