When we speak to clients for the first time about our services, we’re usually asked if there is an advantage to working with us compared to being represented by one agent or real estate teams consisting of members who are not husband-wife operations. We obviously believe using a husband-wife real estate team delivers advantages for both agents and clients. This article will explain our observations during our real estate careers which we feel give husband-wife real estate teams an advantage over other residential real estate agents.

Husband-wife teams usually have coordinated plans to represent clients . This is largely due to the hours of communication between them every day. Discussions about real estate to-do-lists and strategies don’t stop at the end of the work day. Duties, strategies, ideas, and schedules are discussed in detail everyday at home and the office. For example, The Moyers Team responsibilities consist of Maryanne handling all contract and negotiation work, while Dwayne is responsible for marketing and advertising listings and services.

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To provide the best service possible we both attend listing appointments, and show houses together to give our buyers as much information as possible to make informed purchase decisions. Dwayne has experience in residential construction. This background gives him an eye for structural issues and layout. Maryanne will usually manage showing appointments, and point out the value of home features, neighborhoods, and resale concerns during the home search process. After your offer has been accepted (ratified), Dwayne will oversee all inspections (home, well and septic, and termite), and one of us will be available for the many visits your family will want to make if your next home is vacant.

As listing agents, our business plan gives us a competitive advantage when we’re marketing homes. We can create extensive internet exposure for new listings 24 hours after obtaining a listing agreement. We’ve noticed using one agent to represent you can delay and cut the amount of internet exposure of your home. Maryanne immediately enters listing data in our Multiple Listing Service, while Dwayne uses Google search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize listing placement for internet searches of buyers looking for homes in your area.

With both of us preparing our work day during the previous evening, and immediately after getting out of bed in the morning, we can simultaneously accommodate showing property to buyers with both of us working and communicating constantly with present and future clients. This is hard to manage without constant communication with our business partner away from the office.

We have witnessed every team we’ve worked with in the past decade break away from one another for various reasons. Husband-wife real estate teams survive over time when others break apart. This occurs for simple reasons. But mostly because married teams have respect for the personal schedules of their business partner. For example: Time away from work by a husband-wife team member is usually discussed and agreed upon in the same way as decisions made with client representation and marketing strategies. Any extended time away from work by an individual agent belonging to a team almost always causes a fracture in the business relationship of team members.

We’ve noticed real estate teams composed of single agents eventually develop disagreements over the commitment to day-to-day assignments. An example of this would be handling a client start to finish, and sharing the commission. This eventually occurs with real estate teams. If it occurs repeatedly it seems to always cause the agents involved to go separate ways. Since husband-wife teams have to share both personal and professional roles in their relationship, there are few internal disagreements over commitments to the amount of time spent with clients and fair commission splits. Because of this married teams tend to stay more focused at future business growth, and the tasks in front of them.

These have been our observations after selling residential real estate for several years with several brokerages. If you’re considering the services of a real estate agent in Northern Virginia, we hope we’ve convinced you to contact a husband-wife real estate team (consider Dwayne & Maryanne Moyers) for consistent service and availability.

About the authors: Dwayne is originally from Manassas. Maryanne and Dwayne have lived in North Stafford since 1991. Maryanne began her real estate career in 1999, and Dwayne joined her in 2002. They are full-time real estate agents. They have 3 children, and 2 basset hounds, and patience.

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