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Maryanne Moyers, Managing Broker
Weichert Realtors

Cell: 540-379-7359
Office: 703-897-4777
e-mail: maryanne.moyers@gmail.com

Dwayne Moyers, Realtor

Weichert Realtors

Cell: 540-446-6284
Office: 540-720-7263
e-mail: MoyersTeam@gmail.com

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structural insulated panels

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems in Stafford County

Elements of Geothermal Systems

The basic elements of geothermal heating and cooling system are the heat pump and ground loop connecting shallow high-density polyethylene pipes circulating antifreeze underground. The ground becomes a reservoir for energy. A geothermal system takes heat energy from the ground to heat homes in the winter, and collects heat energy from homes and transfers it in the ground during the summer. The heat pump removes heat from the fluid in the pipes. It concentrates the heat then transfers it to the building. This process is reversed for cooling in the summer. In simple terms, it directs water with environmentally friendly antifreeze in 2 directions. One for heating and the other for cooling. This eliminates the need for using both furnace and air-conditioning systems. The hot water heater also benefits from geothermal systems by receiving hot water (mostly during summer months) through a transfer device (desuperheater) instead… Continue reading